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컨텐츠 시작

Foundation philosophy
  • College of focusing on education that trains professionals
  • College of focusing on service that develops local society
  • Global prestigious college of pioneering the world

Educational purpose

  • Training talents who can serve local society and contribute in development of the nation.
  • Promoting professionals who will lead the humankind.
  • Educating creative talents who are leading globalization.

Educational principles

  • Volunteer
  • Originality
  • Pursuit of study

Specialized educational program

  1. Developing specialized departments and promoting development project
  2. Operating a field placement and field ordering type practical educational program
  3. Actively supporting welfare of students and faculties
  4. Actively opening and supporting industrial·governmental·academic cooperative projects
  5. Establishing and operating domestic and overseas volunteer program
  6. Training school business within the college and promoting profitable business
  7. Promoting projects of reinforcing domestic and international cooperation
  8. Promoting projects of creating development funds for the college

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Koguryeo College, bongam-ri, Dasi-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, korea / TEL : +82-61-330-7312 / FAX : 061-335-7129 / MAIL : null
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